Inciting a Riot, Resisting Arrest

Incident# 51-14-12708                           Date/ Time: 11/11/14 at 12:42am

Location:  People’s Place (Non-secured juvenile detention facility)

On 11/11/14 at approx 1250 am, the Milford Police responded to People’s Place Non-Secured Facility after receiving a report of juvenile residents being disorderly. Upon arriving, Milford Police discovered that the juveniles had ransacked the facility. Juveniles refused to obey commands and continued to be disorderly. There were 8 juveniles taken into custody by the Milford Police, three 15year olds, three 14 year olds and two 16 year olds. The juveniles were charged with Inciting a Riot and Resisting Arrest. They were all arraigned and committed to The Stevenson Center on secured bonds.

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