Tech Tip for Safer Internet Shopping (Identity Theft/ Fraud Protection)

tech tip

“The shopping season has started and the bad guys are already on the move. You might have notice an increase in your email spam this time of the year. That’s because the bad guys are looking for victims willing to click on a link in their email to “save money shopping online”. Don’t fall for it! This time of the year, most viruses are downloaded from rogue web sites advertising coupons and holiday savings. Tip* Reputable stores advertise their coupons in flyers in the paper and on their website; example:, There’s no need to search the dark corners of the web for that great deal that doesn’t exist. Last, change your email password again. With recent sites hacked; Home Depot, Target, your email address might already be in the bad guys pocket. Make your password hard to crack, 8 characters, mixed numbers letters and symbols. NEVER make your email password the same as any other password. Happy Holidays!”- Garrette Slonacher

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