Milford Police Launches New Social Media, Website & Mobile App Campaign

Milford Police Launches New Social Media, Website & Mobile App Campaign

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The Milford Police Department, in an attempt to find ways to open communication with the citizens it serves, has launched a social media campaign, website and mobile app.   The Milford Police Department started its facebook page ( on July 31st, 2014 and has over 2800 page ‘Likes’ and our posts have reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  We contribute the success of the page with the need that the public has to openly connect with the Milford Police Department.  While the facebook page has many of our press releases, we at the Milford Police Department, have found that it can be entertaining as well.  We have had some fun with the community with our “Notes to the Chief” and “Caption This Picture”.


In September of 2014, the Milford Police Department, began posting press releases to Twitter (


The Milford Police Department has launched a new website ( ).  This website will be utilized for both the community and the media to access the police department’s press releases.  All press releases will be launched through the website, which is set-up exactly like Dover and Smyrna Police Department’s website through

The public can scroll through the menu and find pages that allow for Leaving Crime Tips, Commending an Officer, and contacting special units within the police department.  There are pages dedicated to each of the specialized units that contain details on the unit, for the public/ media.  Most of the pages dedicated to specialized units will have a web form that will e-mail the unit, after the required information is filled out by the user.

MyPD Mobile App

Citizens Can Now Download the MyPD App for Android and iPhone phones and tablets. Milford Police today announced the launch of their new app, My Police Department or MyPD for short. The free MyPD app allows citizens to download an app for their Android or iPhone and easily connect with the police department right from their device.

The app has around 40 potential features and the department can turn them on and off depending on what they want to display at certain times. The MyPD app design is easy to use and features a sleek user interface.

“Members of the public can get important updates from us as push notifications” said Det. John Horsman. “We can send the notifications through twitter or our dashboard and the user doesn’t need an account or to worry about missing an important tweet or message. We encourage users to opt in to messages if they want to be informed quickly of new updates or alerts.”

Crime and safety issues are also important for citizens to know about. The app includes resources and links on a number of topics; such as, victim resources, domestic violence, press releases, missing children, and many more. There are also four background screens to swipe through and can be updated with pictures of wanted persons, missing people, or announcements.

Sending in tips about crimes or other quality of life issues is another way citizens can use the Milford Police MyPD app. It allows the user to either attach their contact information or send it anonymously. Photos and GPS locations of incidents can also be attached from either the phones gallery or live camera.

While the app links to or integrate with some social media, police say it is not another social network. There are also no ads on the app and no account is necessary to use MyPD. “We have been using social media like facebook and twitter since August 2014.” Said Det. Horsman. “The MyPD app is not meant to replace those or be another social network. It is a tool for citizens to keep on their phones so when they need a phone number, to send a crime tip, or want to research something they have it readily available in an easy to use app.”

While the app is not a social media platform, it does have some social aspects to it and has a feature where users can “unlock” badges the more they use the app and interact with the police department.

“Basically the app user can climb in rank and unlock new badges,” said Det. Horsman, “We will build on this idea with future versions and find new ways to interact with our app users”

The app also now lets users share some basic anonymous data about their age, gender, or how they found out about the app. This is optional and if shared will help the department to better understand who is using the app, how they found it, and if they live or work in the city.

MyPD is free for residents, contains no advertising, and users do not need to share personal information or set up an account to use the app. Any information sharing is optional.

Citizens looking to connect with the Milford Police should search for “MyPD” in their app store. Once the app is downloaded and the agency chosen it will always open to the Milford Police Department and its resources.

For additional information about the My Police Department app users can visit: or  Users can download the app in your app store by searching “MyPD”.

Special Thanks:

The Milford Police Department could not have moved forward with this social media campaign without the direction and support of the Dover Police Department, specifically PIO Cpl. Mark Hoffman.  We, at the Milford Police Department, followed the Dover Police’s social media and mobile app for months.  After seeing the positive response from the community and how quickly the community solved crimes, the Milford Police Department requested Dover’s help in starting our own social media campaign.  Cpl. Mark Hoffman, with permission from Dover’s Chief Bernat, began helping us with our social media process.

Finally, The Milford Police Department would like to thank the citizens and visitors of our city.  Without their support, the social media campaign would not have the results it does.

Det. John Horsman, Milford Police

Special Note for our Friends in the Media:

The Milford Police Department cannot add the contact e-mail address for our friends in the media.  Each reporter or media outlet will have to “Follow” the website.  This press release will be the last that will be e-mailed out individually.

To Follow:

  2. Click Follow MPD (right sidebar)
  3. Submit the required requested information
  4. Press releases will be emailed as soon as they are published
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