Carjacking 2nd Degree Vehicle Occupant 62yo or Older , Offensive Touching and Criminal Mischief Under $1000

Incident # 51-15-732 Date/ time: 1/22/15 at 12:05 pm

Released by: Det. Dwight Young/ Criminal Division

On 1/22/15 at approx. 12:05pm the Milford Police received a report of a carjacking of an elderly male that had just occurred in the parking lot of Milford Square shopping center. Upon arriving at the scene Milford Police discovered that the carjacking occurred in the parking lot of Ace Hardware. Further investigation revealed that Joshua Sockriter, 18yo of Milford and a 17yo male juvenile, also of Milford, were occupants of the same vehicle along with the owner of the vehicle, the 77yo male victim. While attempting purchase food from a nearby restaurant, the 17yo male juvenile requested that the 77yo male victim pay for the food. When the 77yo male victim advised that he did not have the money to pay for the food, the 17yo male juvenile became irate and he along with Sockriter exited the vehicle and began walking in the parking lot. As the 77yo male victim drove up next to the two as they were walking and encouraged them to get back into the vehicle, both the 17yo male juvenile and Sockriter began kicking the vehicle. The 77yo male victim stopped then vehicle and has he did so the 17yo male juvenile ran up to the driver’s side of the vehicle, opened the vehicle door and physically pulled the 77yo male victim out of the vehicle. The 17yo male juvenile then got into the driver’s seat of the vehicle and drove off in the vehicle as the 77yo male victim was left walking in the parking lot. Sockriter left the area on foot prior to the carjacking occurring. The vehicle was later recovered. Sockriter was charged with Criminal Mischief Under $1000.00 and was arraigned and released on $100.00 unsecured bond. The 17yo male juvenile was charged with Carjacking 2nd Degree Vehicle Occupant 62yo or Older , Offensive Touching and Criminal Mischief Under $1000 and was arraigned and committed to The Stevenson House in default of $40,200.00 secured bond.

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