Two Milford women charged in major retail theft

Incident# 51-15-5988 Date: April & May 2015

Released By: Det. Dwight Young/ Criminal Division

On 11/10/15 The Milford Police concluded a retail theft investigation with the arrest of two Milford women. Danita Legrand, 23yo and Aishia Legrand, 30yo were both charged with Felony Unlawful Use of a Payment Card Over $1500 (2 counts) and Conspiracy 2nd Degree. Detectives discovered that both Danita and Aishia used fraudulent pre-paid credit cards to make purchases from the Goodwill store during the months of April & May of 2015. The purchases from the store totaled over $31,000.00. Initially it appeared as though the pre-paid cards had the funds necessary for the transaction. However, when the store later attempted to pull the funds from the account no funds were available and the pre-paid credit cards were not valid. Aishia Legrand was arraigned and released on $7,500.00 unsecured bond. Danita Legrand was arraigned and also received $7,500.00 unsecured bond. However, Danita was also wanted out of Kent Court of Common Pleas on an active capias and was later released after posting bond for that capias.

A. Legrand        D. Legrand

Aishia Legrand                 Danita Legrand

The Milford Police Criminal Division urges businesses about these types of scams and to be cautious of pre-paid credit cards that are used to make multiple extremely large purchases. In most cases the scam begins when the pre-paid card is initially declined for every purchase attempted, however once the cashier types in the CVC code on the back of the card the purchase goes through. It isn’t until the business attempts to pull the funds from the credit card account is when they discover that there was never any funds available. Businesses should also be aware of the same person or persons sharing the same pre-paid credit card to make a vast amount of purchases on different dates. Now that the holiday time has arrived, this scam may be used more often.

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