Milford Community Parade Returns Wednesday And We Urge Motorist To Be Aware Of Altered Traffic and Parking Patterns


Above Is Parade Route


Above Is Detour Route

On Wednesday night the Milford Community Parade returns and we wish to urge any motorist that may be effected by the road closures to educate themselves on alternative routes.  Parking restrictions will begin at 5:00 pm along North and South Walnut Streets, as well as Northeast 10th Street and Seabury Avenue.  We anticipate parking to reopen in those areas around 8:30 pm.  There will be road closures beginning on Seabury Avenue at 5:00 pm and along North Walnut Street, South Walnut Street, and Northeast 10th Street beginning shortly before 6:30 m.  These closures will effect eastbound and westbound travel on any street intersecting North and South Walnut Streets from Seabury Avenue to Northeast 10th Street.  Traffic patterns are anticipated to return to the normal flow shortly after 8:30 pm.

East Bound
Follow detour signage-
Southbound Rt 113 to Seabury Avenue –left turn
Seabury to Cherry St, –right turn
Cherry to New St, –left turn
New St to Wilbur St –right turn
Wilbur St to S Walnut St –right turn
S Walnut St to McCoy St –left turn
McCoy St to S Washington St –left turn follow to all points North and East
TRUCKS continue on McCoy St to Marshall St –left turn
Marshall St to South East Second St –right turn
S.E. 2nd St to Alt 1-Rehoboth Blvd to all points North, East and South

West Bound
Follow Detour signage-
CAR- S. Washington St to McCoy St –right turn
TRUCK- Alt 1 Rehoboth Blvd to SE 2nd St –right turn
TRUCK- SE 2nd St to Marshall St –left turn
TRUCK- S. Marshall St to McCoy St –right turn
ALL- McCoy St to S Walnut St –right turn
S Walnut St to Wilbur St –immediate left turn
Wilbur St to New St –left turn
New St to Cherry St –right turn
Cherry St to Seabury Avenue –left turn
Seabury Avenue to N. Rt 113 –right turn
N. Rt 113 to Westbound Rt 14 –left turn
To all points West and North and South


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