Harrington Women Arrested for Harassment

Released by Pfc. Mikhail Stanton on 03/30/2017 @ 1230 hours

Incident # 51-17-3070 @ 1019 hours

Diane Anthony 54, of Harrington was arrested by Milford Police on 03/28/2017 after an incident at the Milford Walmart.

On 03/22/2017 it is alleged that Mrs. Anthony harassed and taunted a victim in order to provoke a physical altercation while at the Milford Walmart. A Walmart associate was alerted to the situation, was able to intervene, and escorted the victim outside of the store. The victim then contacted Milford Police, who then responded. Officers searched the area for the suspect but found that she had left prior to their arrival. After investigating the incident further, and talking to witnesses, a warrant was sent to The Justice of The Peace Court 2 and approved for Ms. Anthony.

Mrs. Anthony turned herself in without incident on 03/28/2017. She was charged with Harassment and Disorderly Conduct and was released on $600.00 unsecured bail. As a condition of her bail she is to have no contact with the victim.


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