Disorderly Conduct Investigation Leads To Arrest Of Millsboro Man

Released by Pfc. Mikhail Stanton on 08/16/2017 @ 1500 hours

Incident# 51-17-008861@ 1122 hours

On August 15, 2017, Milford Police responded to Walmart located at 939 N. DuPont BLVD for a report of a disorderly subject. As they arrived on scene, a witness told Officers that two individuals where having a verbal altercation in the Walmart parking lot and they feared it would become a physical.

A witness alleged that Calah Spells, 35, of Millsboro was yelling and being a public nuisance while in the Walmart parking lot. During the process of the investigation Officers also learned that Mr. Spells was intoxicated.

Calah Spells was taken into custody and transported back to the Milford Police Department without incident. He was given a criminal summons with a charge of Disorderly Conduct Alcohol Related. He was released on his own recognizance and is scheduled to appear at the Justice of The Peace Court #6 at a later date and time for his arraignment.


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