Traffic Stop Leads To The Arrest Of Local Fugitive

Released by Pfc. Mikhail Stanton on 09/05/2017 @ 1030 hours

Incident # 51-17-9640 @2102

On Thursday August 31, 2017 an officer of the Milford Police Patrol Unit was stationary in the 600 block of N.W. Front St conducting traffic enforcement. The officer observed a vehicle traveling westbound on N.W. Front St in the direction of US 113 at a very slow speed and making an extremely loud noise. The officer noticed that the flow of traffic was being impeded and got behind the vehicle to make a traffic stop. At that time the  officer found that the vehicle was unregistered and had a fictitious license plate displayed. The officer made a traffic stop in a nearby parking lot and made contact with a female driver, who did not have a license or identification. The officer asked the driver for a name and she gave the officer a false name.  As the officer continued to investigate the name given by the driver, she exited of the vehicle began to run north bound towards the rear of The Plaza at Milford’s parking lot. The officer ran after the subject giving verbal commands for her to stop. The subject did not comply with the officers lawful orders and proceeded to hide in a wooded area behind The Plaza at Milford.

After a brief search of the area the officer subsequently found the subject hiding and placed her under arrest. Through further investigation, Officers learned that drivers name was actually Destiny Pierce, 24, of Milford. They also found out that she had several outstanding warrants for her arrest, as well as drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.

Pierce was charged with Criminal Impersonation, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Driving While Suspended or Revoked, Failure to Have Required Insurance, Operation of an Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Fictitious or Cancelled Registration Card, Driving an Unsafe Motor Vehicle. She was arraigned at the Justice of The Peace Court # 2 where she was given an unsecured bail of $3,250.00.

Pierce was also arraigned on several warrants to include two Failure to Appears  from The Kent County Court Of Common Pleas, two Failure to Appears from The Sussex County Court of Common Please, one Failure to Pay from The Sussex County Court of Common Pleas, and one Failure to Pay from The Justice of The Peace Court #2. Pierce was committed to SCI $3207.00 secured bail


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