Milford Man Arrested For 7th DUI

Incident #: 51-18-3471                                           Reported: March 30, 2018 at 7:45 p.m.

Location: Wawa, 902 N DuPont Blvd., Milford, Kent County, DE

Released By:  Det. Timothy Maloney on 04/06/2018 at 1539 hours

On 03/30/2018 at approximately 7:45 p.m., the Milford Police Department Patrol Division was dispatched to the rear parking lot of Wawa, 902 N DuPont Blvd., reference to a white male subject who appeared to be highly intoxicated. Officers were provided with a clothing description for the subject and also advised that the subject fell over after exiting his vehicle.  When officers arrived on scene, they located the subject attempting to get back into his vehicle.  Contact was made with the subject, who exhibited multiple signs of being under the influence of alcohol/drug.  The operator was asked multiple times for identification and the operator refused to comply.  As officers began to detain the operator for further investigation, the operator became disorderly and began to resist arrest.  After the operator was detained, officers were able to locate identification and learned that the operator was a Jacob Mcglothlin, 56 of Milford, DE.  A search incident to arrest revealed that Mcglothlin was in possession of the keys to the vehicle that he was attempting to get into as well as officers located evidence inside the vehicle that Mcglothlin had been drinking that night.  A DUI blood search warrant for Mcglothlin was obtained through the Justice of the Peace Court and executed at an area hospital.

Further investigation revealed that Mcglothlin had 6 prior DUI convictions. Mcglothlin was charged with 7th Offense DUI and Resisting Arrest.  Due to Mcglothlin’s intoxication, he was committed to the Department of Correction in default of $20,500.00 USC secured bail.  Once Mcglothlin was sober, he would have a presentment through the Justice of the Peace Court.


*Photograph of Mcglothlin was unavailable at time of release*

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