Milford Police Department Staff And Other First Responders Recognized For Life Saving Efforts

Released By:  Det. Timothy Maloney on 09/21/2018 at 1300 hours

On 09/20/2018, Four Milford Police Officers, three Milford Police Department Dispatchers and two career staff members with the Carlisle Fire Company had the opportunity to meet the person whose life they saved as a result of CPR. On 08/13/2018, Milford Police Department Dispatchers Bennett, Argo, and Joles received a 911 disconnect call to the dispatch center.  They dispatched Ptlm Karpin, PFC Clayton, Cpl. Brittingham, Senior Cpl. Wyatt, to a residence in the 500 block of Caulk Rd for the 911 disconnect.  While the officers were en route to the call, they were advised by the dispatchers that it was a possible CPR in progress.  At that time, the dispatchers notified the Sussex Emergency Communications Center, who dispatched Carlisle Fire Department EMS and Sussex County Paramedics to the scene.  Ptlm Karpin and Cpl. Brittingham were first on scene and began to assist the victim’s partner with CPR.  Later PFC Clayton and Senior Cpl. Wyatt arrived on scene and assisted with lifesaving efforts.  Carlisle Fire Department EMS and Sussex County Paramedics arrived on scene and patient care transition from the police to the medical personnel on scene.  The victim was transported to the hospital where it was determined that he had a massive heart attack and he remained in the hospital for approximately 3 weeks recovering.

During a mid-morning recognition ceremony on Thursday, September 20, the victim, Michael Moyer, and his partner, John Bechtold, had an opportunity to meet and thank the four Milford Police Officers and the two career staff members from Carlisle Fire Department for their part in saving Moyer’s life.

Later in the day on 09/20/2018, Chief Kenneth Brown presented Ptlm Karpin, PFC Clayton, Cpl. Brittingham, and Senior Cpl. Wyatt with a Life Saving Certificate and a Life Saving Ribbon for their uniforms for their involvement in saving the life of Mr. Moyer.

                            Group Photograph                     From Left to Right: Cpl. Brittingham, PFC

                                                                                   Clayton, Chief Brown, S/Cpl. Wyatt

                                                                                    Not Pictured: Ptlm Karpin


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