**Reminder** Lights-On Initiative Established in Milford

Below is an earlier prepared release.  The program is off to a strong start and we wanted to remind citizens about this great initiative.

Energize Delaware in collaboration with the City of Milford and the HELP
Initiative, Inc. is pleased to announce that the successful Lights-On program is now funded and will be expanded to its third city – Milford! Previously, the campaign was funded in Dover and Seaford.  “Lights-On Milford Strong” is designed to reduce incidents of crime, as well as attract investment by new businesses and residents in an attempt to revitalize the community. The Milford Strong Program will offer a number of vital services. At eligible properties in poorly lit areas of Milford, the Lights-On program
will: install energy efficient LED porch lights that can be illuminated from dusk to dawn; provide a switch plate cover for front door/porch light switches as an additional reminder to encourage residents to keep their porch lights on at night; and install a rear-property solar powered motion flood light as a further deterrent measure. Each resident participating in the program must pledge in writing to do the following: 1. Report suspicious activity or crime; 2. Encourage their neighbors to participate in the Lights-On
campaign; 3. Keep their front porch light on at night; and 4. Attend energy efficiency workshops. Milford City Manager Eric Norenberg noted, “I think this will be a great community building program. I hope the lighting encourages kids and families to play and socialize with neighbors in their front yards.” The objective of the HELP Initiative’s Lights-On Milford Strong Campaign is to enhance public safety and improve community engagement with law enforcement by installing energy efficient lighting measures in concentrated areas of criminal activity. This pilot program will benefit the low-income
residents of Milford and will bring recognition for the Energize Delaware programs to the citizens in these communities.  “Lighting is one of the most important components of crime prevention through environmental design,” said Milford Police Sgt. Robert Masten.
Similar in scope to the Dover and Seaford Lights-On Campaign, Milford plans to reach 400 homes. The City of Milford will cover the cost to install 200 (or one half) of the LED lights and the solar powered motion sensor flood lights while Energize Delaware will cover the remaining costs.


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