Evidence Technicians

The Milford Police Department’s criminal detectives are all trained as Evidence Technicians and they are assisted by a civilian Crime Scene Investigator.
T.A.C. Larry Simpkiss is a civilian employee with over 21 years in Delaware Law Enforcement.  T.A.C. Simpkiss is Milford Police Department’s Evidence Technician and Crime Scene Investigator.  He is Certified in Crime Scene Analytics by the National Forensic Academy in Knoxville Tennessee.  He responds to major cases, such as robberies, major burglaries, and homicides, to process the crime scene and locate minute pieces of evidence left at the scene.This may involve:
  • Checking for blood stains or DNA evidence
  • Dusting the area for latent fingerprint evidence
  • Taking crime scene photos

Mobile Office
Currently, the evidence technicians have a mobile office from which to work. It is equipped with the latest advances in crime scene processing equipment.

For More Information
For more information about the evidence technicians, contact the Police Department at (302) 422-8081.

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