How do I pay a JP Court Traffic Summons issued by the Milford Police?

FOR MANDATORY APPREARANCES: You must appear in person at the court noted on the front of the ticket at the date and time specified. By law, persons under 18 years of age may NOT pay by mail; they must appear in court on the specified date and time AND must be accompanied by an adult.
TO PAY VOLUNTARY ASSESSMENT BY MAIL: You must pay the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (in U.S. dollars only) on or before the court due date (see front) by mailing check or money order (made payable to “State of Delaware”) to P.O. Box 7039, Dover, De 19903-7039 or to the appropriate Alderman’s Court. Write the ticket number on your check and include a copy of the ticket with your payment. DO NOT MAIL CASH. If a receipt is needed, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.
TO PAY VOLUNTARY ASSESSMENTS BY CREDIT CARD: Payments may be made by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER) by mailing or faxing a copy of the front of this ticket (with credit card information) to the Voluntary Assessment Center, P.O. Box 7039, Dover, De 19903-7039, (fax #) 302-739-7590, by court due date (see front of ticket). Please call (302) 739-6911 to confirm receipt and acceptance. For all JP Court traffic tickets, you may also make a payment online at
THE PLEAS OF RESPONSIBLE OR NOT RESPONSIBLE are only applicable to civil violations.
TO PLEAD NOT GUILTY/NOT RESPONSIBLE: If you plead not guilty/not responsible, you are requesting a court trial and must appear in court to defend against the charge(s). To plead NOT GUILTY/NOT RESPONSIBLE, sign below and mail or fax a copy of the front AND back of the ticket to below address, by court due date (see front of ticket), and call (302) 739-6911 to confirm receipt. Upon receipt of notification that you wish to plead “not guilty/not responsible,” you will be notified of the location, date, and time of your appearance in the Justice of the Peace Court. If you are scheduled for a Call of Calendar, multiple cases are scheduled at the same time and you may have an extended wait so please plan accordingly.

TO REQUEST PROBATION BEFORE JUDGMENT: If you wish to request probation before judgment, you need to plead “not guilty” and appear at the scheduled time at Court to request probation before judgment. It is the COURT’S DECISION to allow probation before judgment. OUT OF STATE DRIVERS MUST BRING A CERTIFIED COPY OF THEIR DRIVING RECORD FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS. In order to qualify for probation before judgment you cannot have a motor vehicle conviction or have been granted probation before judgment within the last five years, and you cannot hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
ADDRESS CORRECTIONS: If the address shown on the ticket is incorrect, you must notify the Division of Motor Vehicles, and the Voluntary Assessment Center, of your CORRECT address when sending your payment or pleading not guilty or not responsible.
IMPACT ON YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE: If you have questions concerning your driver’s license, please contact your local Division of Motor Vehicles. For Delaware drivers only, under DMV policy #45 (effective 4/1/00), a driver who pleads guilty and pays the fine for a speeding violation from 1-14 miles per hour over the posted speed limit through the Voluntary Assessment Center will not be assessed points in their driver’s license so long as they have NOT been convicted of speeding violations within the previous three year period. If you cannot or do not pay the find to the Voluntary Assessment Center, the policy does not apply. Please contact the Division of Motor Vehicles for information about licenses and policies.

VOLUNTARY ASSESSMENT CENTER (unless payable to Alderman’s Court)
P.O. Box 7039 PHONE #: (302) 739-6911
Dover, DE 19903-7039 FAX #: (302) 739-7590
FAILURE TO COMPLY: If you FAIL TO COMPLY with a summons, your DRIVING PRIVILEGES WILL BE SUSPENDED and a WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST may be issued, without further notice.

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